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Who We Are

We’re a team of Aviation and Software Professionals that want to remove people from workplace danger. At Industrial SkyWorks, we believe asset inspections can be done better.

We believe that drone inspections technology provides the opportunity to perform inspections better. Four Years ago, we started with buildings because they’re leaking energy, dropping objects from high above and dangerous to inspect. We entered oil and gas inspection market for similar reasons.

We enable engineers to review drone data and perform inspections from their desktops by using our software.

Our software allow people to:

  • Identify Problems Early
  • Inspect Safely
  • Save Time and Money.

As Seen On

50 Million+ Square footage inspected using drones in the past 4 years without incident

First UAV Inspection company to receive Federal Aviation Administration Approval for Nighttime Flights in the U.S and Canada

Completed one of the largest infrastructure inspections in the history of UAV operations

Saved millions of dollars for clients via drone inspections technology

What We Do


We are driven by our desire to see our technologies being applied to protect our environment and make work place safer, all while saving our clients’ money. By Providing end-to-end drone inspection services in building solutions and software, you can inspect your buildings’ roof and walls on your desktops.

  • Eliminate Costly Swing Stage and Bosun Chair
  • Keep the Building Inspector’s Feet Firmly on the Ground
  • Deliver Inspection Data Directly to the Architects and Engineers’ Desktop
  • Reduce Costs and Inspection Time by up to 95%

Oil & Gas Infrastructure Inspections

Industrial Skyworks specializes in drone inspection services in visual and thermal operations over hard-to-reach and dangerous sites such as oil refinery and flare stacks to detect corrosion, leaks, and other anomalies.

We enable oil and gas companies to:

  • Mitigate Risk by Keeping Employees on the Ground
  • Inspect the Asset Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime using Software
  • Minimize the Requirement for Rope Access and Scaffolding
  • Maintain Productivity during the inspections; No Plant Shutdown Required
  • Reduce Costs and Inspection Time by up to 90%

How We Do It

Deploy UAV that inspects the entire asset with our fully trained and insured pilot

Process all of the drone data from the asset

Analyze the entire dataset with our Subject Matter Expert

Produce customized report to your desktop for you to inspect anyplace, anywhere, anytime with our software


"At Tremco we work in a regulated industry where minimizing risk is paramount. Working with Industrial Skyworks enables us to comply with the requirements of our market to offer building inspection services that reduce operational costs for our customers. For example, being the first operator to secure FAA and Transport Canada permission for unmanned flights at night, is both testament to Industrial Skyworks’ professional expertise in risk management, and has permitted us to apply drone-based inspection in the best way for our business. The outcome is that our SkyBeam service provides complete and reliable data analytics, from the visual and thermal inspection of the building envelope; all while keeping our feet on the ground."

− Paul Sheehy, Vice President, Sales for North America – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance