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Our Story

Nov 2013

Industrial SkyWorks Gets its Start

Founded by a team of pilots with expertise in aircraft safety systems, together with corporate law and risk management, We are focused on the inspection of site-wide inspection of industrial Assets and high value infrastructure across the building and the oil and gas industry.


April 2014

Strategic Partner with Tremco

We formed strategic partnership with Tremco Incorporated, North America’s prime commercial roofing company, based in Ohio, USA, to provide better services for clients around the globe.

May 2015

First One Million

In the summer of 2015, We completed the milestone inspection of the first one million square feet of commercial building roofs in the United States.


April 2016

Made History in the UAV Operations

We received first approval to operate a drone commercially at night by FAA in the History of UAV Operations. It marks commercial UAV operations entered a new era in the U.S.A

June 2016

Awards From EY and Branham

In April 2016, we were named one of top 25 Canadian up and coming ICT companies in the Branham 300 list for 2015. In June 2016, our Chief Executive Officer, Michael Cohen was named as an Ontario finalist for Ernst and Young’s Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Oct 2016

Completed Funding with Georgian Angel Network

This funding accelerates the sales and marketing of our unique UAV analytical solutions targeting the complex problems facing the building envelope inspection business and the challenges of safely and cost effectively managing and maintaining oil and gas assets.

Feb 2017

Completed One of the Largest Infrastructure Inspections in the History of UAV Operations

We gathered data with thousands of images in the entire MacDonald Block Building Complex in Toronto by using UAVs equipped with thermal and RGP cameras to detect energy loss and water penetration. These images will be consolidated into comprehensive reports which include 2D and 3D models of the rooftop and side walls of each building.

Apr 2017

Launched Blue VU Software for Building and Oil & Gas Inspections

Blue VU is our advanced software for the accurate and efficient inspection of buildings, and oil and gas infrastructure. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, we offer cutting edge drone-based inspection solutions. Industrial Skyworks’ new Blue VU software will relieve inspectors, engineers and technicians from sifting through thousands of images while providing safe visual access to hard to reach locations, such as the roofs of buildings, flare stacks, and storage tanks.