Meet Our Team

The Industrial SkyWorks team brings capable business leadership, highly qualified IT and GIS experts, accomplished pilots and world-class UAV operators, and a client-centred focus to every project.

Colin Kelleher


For the past six years, Colin sat on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, a non-for profit government funded organization that generates economic benefits for the economy by driving the successful commercialization of discoveries and technologies.

Colin has been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Waterloo faculty of Architecture and the University of Toronto’s planning program on real estate cost/risk dynamics. Colin is a graduate of the executive program at Singularity University where he received the singularity prototype challenge award for his presentation on the buildings of the future.

Michael Cohen, MAS, ATPL

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a former Airline Captain (Boeing 737 NG) and an expert in Aircraft Safety Systems and Risk Management, as well as, a Certified Aircraft Accident Investigator. Michael is a proactive leader with a commitment to safety. He has served as Chairman of Air Safety and a member of an Airline Emergency Response Team.

In 2016, Michael was named as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists.

Gunho Sohn, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Gunho is a photogrammetric computer vision scientist with nearly two decades of research experience in academics and commercial environment. Gunho’s R&D experience is specialized in developing an intelligent photogrammetric machine vision system for reconstructing large-scale cityscapes and infrastructure models from laser and optical point clouds acquired by manned/unmanned moving vehicles.

Thomas Masney, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas has venture capital, merger & acquisition experience with Goldman Sachs & GE and for both Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse in audit and corporate recovery. Thomas brings with him a strong understanding of technology and e-commerce and its applications and adoption by various industries.Thomas has CFO experience in North America, Europe and Asia including financial, audit and regulatory reporting Canada, China, USA & UK

John Ziemanski

VP of Operations

John has 20 years of project management experience in Information Technology (IT) / GIS working in the forestry, oil and gas, mining and building sciences sectors. John’s extensive IT experience, decades of work with ESRI-based products and the recent integration of UAS technology allows him to specialize in cross-platform, flexible solutions.

Ian Hannah, PG DIP

VP of Innovations

Ian is a pilot with a Multi IFR rating and a board member of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists. He has extensive experience in using UAV technology for high resolution still photography, video, and 360° panoramic films.

While a Series Producer and Network Executive for major network television shows, Ian received international awards for his film and television work.

A creative innovator, Ian has developed industry standards, original production processes and unique gyro-stabilized camera platforms.

Chris Leightell

VP Sales

Chris brings over 20 years of software and technology sales, operations and business development leadership to his role as Vice President Sales at Industrial SkyWorks(ISW).. Prior to ISW Chris led Canadian sales and operations for Thunderhead Software and prior to Thunderhead Chris was with TELUS Corp. in Calgary Alberta where he was Sales Director leading TELUS’ enterprise Oil and Gas division. Chris has a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario and the Executive Program from The Schulich School of Business.

Lance Lehman, L.L.B

VP of Corporate Activity and General Counsel

Lance has over a decade of experience in private practice as a corporate and commercial attorney, acting for and advising technology companies from start-up to maturation.

Lance applies an in-depth knowledge of liability management and regulatory compliance to help manage Industrial SkyWorks’ risk exposure and to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Lance brings business acumen, operations management experience, and accounting knowledge to his roles at Industrial SkyWorks.

Evan Earp-Jones

Geo Spatial Analyst

Evan studied Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the University of Victoria, where he developed an interest in spatial data collection and analysis. He is responsible for data processing, analysis, and reporting at Industrial SkyWorks. Evan brings a thorough attention to detail to his role at Industrial SkyWorks, ensuring data integrity and accuracy in its products.

Graydon Shevchenko

UAV Pilot | GIS Programmer and Analyst

Graydon is a skilled UAV pilot, well-versed in UAV regulations and technology with experience in multiple systems, payloads and environments. He has a strong background in GIS programming, UAV data collection and modelling, and advanced analysis across a range of sectors, making him instrumental in developing standards in data capture and design for Industrial SkyWorks.

Melissa Meneghetti

Manager / Architect VAMS Information System

Melissa is an IT Database Administrator with 12 years of experience in the GIS field designing corporate information systems which include “Field to Web” applications. She has designed applications for large corporate clients including provincial ministries and Federal Government Departments. Melissa excels at creating secure and intuitive, yet robust web applications with a focus on delivering UAV information.

Heungsik Brian Kim, PhD

Senior Programmer

Brian has extensive research & development experiences in photogrammetry, point cloud analytic, computer vision and machine learning specialized for virtual city and infrastructure modeling and risk assessment. Brian is also professional geospatial programmer specialized in ESRI-based products, business logics, front/back-end interface and web-based applications.

Xinbo Zhang

Marketing Associate

Xinbo graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honour Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Economics. As the marketing associate, Xinbo is responsible for all marketing related events in the company including SEO, website maintenance, social media and design marketing materials.

Xinbo is fan of soccer, loves cooking and photography. He is also pursing a Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics Management Degree online with Boston University.

Sean Woessner

Chief Pilot

Sean is an FAA licensed airplane pilot holding both IFR and FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot sUAS ratings. He graduated at the top of his class at Cochise College earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operations. Has extensive knowledge of FAA regulations and safety management skills for operating sUAS

Sean is an accomplished sUAS pilot with over 500 inspections to his credit. With more than 400 hours on multi-rotor sUAS. He has extensive field experience and is qualified to inspect wind turbines, cell phone towers, oil and gas pipeline, residential and commercial buildings and roofs. Sean brings with him valuable experience and knowledge operating a variety of multi-rotor and fixed wing sUAS platforms carrying a wide range of payloads.

Yoonseok Jwa, PhD

Research & Development Manager

Dr. Jwa is an expert with strong research background in laser photogrammetry, point cloud analytics, 3D infrastructure modeling and positioning & navigation sensor integration. His R&D experience is specialized in point cloud and image understanding for virtualization of railways, utility networks and urban streets supporting sustainable infrastructure.

Jordan McPhail

UAV Operations – Logistics Manager

Jordan McPhail studied fire protection engineering at Seneca College in Toronto where he developed an interest in building safety and risk management. Additionally, Jordan has developed knowledge of online marketing and social media. Jordan joined Industrial Skyworks as to lend his expertise in online publishing platforms, but also to assist operations in acquiring site data through use of Industrial SkyWork‘s UAV’s. Jordan is thrilled to be a part of the ISW team and looks forward to expanding on his preexisting skill set through ISW’s innovative and leading edge work.