Drone Roof Inspections

Drone-based roofing solutions offer accuracy, safety, and speed for roof measurement and inspection

Drone Roof Inspection Advantages

By deploying drones flown by certified and licensed pilots together with industry-leading drone inspection software, Industrial SkyWorks makes the workplace safer, while helping clients reduce costs. We provide end-to-end drone services to quickly and easily inspect a building’s roof.

Using our Qii.AI Platform, we automatically organize drone data and create a 3D model so problems with an asset can be quickly and accurately reviewed, identified, and prioritized.


A visual inspection of a building envelope is quicker than with traditional methods and completed in an entirely non-contact manner. Costly scaffolding or risers are not required.

HD & Thermal Imaging

Collecting data using conventional and drone thermal imaging means deterioration of materials, locations of thermal leakage and sites of water infiltration can be quickly identified.

Less Costly

Costly scaffoldings or risers are not required. No expensive insurance or equipment required.

Fly at Night

Flying at night is the best time for thermal imagery to capture the release or transfer of heat accumulated by a building during the day. The result is higher levels of confidence in the analytics relied upon by facilities managers.

FAA’s First Nighttime Flight

As the first UAV operator in North America to be granted an exception by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly at night in the U.S., Industrial Skyworks can discover better indicators of thermal loss or other structural issues.

Information on Your Desktop

We deliver information directly to the technician’s desktop. Photographic and thermographic maps and interactive analytical reports are delivered for roofs and facades.


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A planned, frequent, efficient and safe aerial inspection program of roof reduce both cost and risk over the life cycle of the building.

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