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We have worked with TREMCO, an international roofing and building maintenance company, to develop SkyBEAM and here is what they said:

“At Tremco we work in a regulated industry where minimizing risk is paramount. Working with Industrial Skyworks enables us to comply with the requirements of our market to offer building inspection services that reduce operational costs for our customers.  For example, being the first operator to secure FAA and Transport Canada permission for unmanned flights at night, is both testament to Industrial Skyworks’ professional expertise in risk management, and has permitted us to apply drone-based inspection in the best way for our business.  The outcome is that our SkyBeam service provides complete and reliable data analytics, from the visual and thermal inspection of the building envelope; all while keeping our feet on the ground.”

~ Paul Sheehy

Vice President, Sales for North America – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance

About SkyBEAM

SkyBEAM is new and innovative way to safely and systematically scan building envelopes using UAVs and, through a cloud-based application, share interactive reports and 3D models with technicians on the ground and decision-makers in their offices.

The intelligence behind SkyBEAM is a breakthrough proprietary application that consolidates hundreds of high resolution and infrared photographs and videotaped images taken by UAVs into comprehensive interactive reports and 2D and 3D models.
3D models, viewable from any angle, allow a full exploration of the building envelope – rooftops and side walls – without ever putting a technician on the roof.

By taking a “virtual flight” around the building and viewing the model in both infrared and high resolution, companies can quickly identify areas of heat-loss, breaches in moisture barriers, and other irregularities before they become critical.

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