UAV Inspection Services

Drone Based Building Inspections

Locating energy leaks or other potential problems a building envelope is often difficult and sometimes dangerous. UAVs equipped with high-resolution infrared and video cameras combined with 3D modeling software, live data streaming, and custom apps allows for more efficient and safe building and rooftop inspection.

Building Solutions

Preventative maintenance of industrial infrastructure is a necessity for safe operations and professional risk management. We enable companies to detect and identify anomalies such as corrosion before they become a business or safety concern. Early and frequent inspection in the life cycle of an asset can mitigate substantial costs later.

By combining the capabilities of UAVs with powerful custom software tools, Industrial SkyWorks enables companies to safely inspect building envelopes and rooftops and view data in a unique and ground-breaking way.

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Drone Based Oil and Gas Infrastructure Inspection

Whether your project is in monitoring pipeline for oil or gas leaks, performing environmental assessments, inspecting production plants and oil refineries, or flare stacks, our UAV Inspection Technologies combined with our remote inspection software will make your project safer and easier.

Oil and Gas Solutions

Inspection and maintenance activities incur risks for inspectors, and the safety of technicians and the public also needs to be improved. By combining the capabilities of UAVs with powerful custom inspection software, Industrial SkyWorks enables companies to inspect oil and gas pipelines, flare stacks, oil refineries and other infrastructure in a safe and cost efficient way.

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