Introducing BlueVu

Drone Inspection Software Solutions For The Building and Oil & Gas Industry

Drone Software For Industrial Inspections- BlueVu

BlueVu Overview

Drone technology is capable of providing tremendous amounts of data and images from inspection projects. However, inspectors, architects and engineers have to then  go through thousands of photos and can easily get lost  in the process, and where they are on the asset which ends up causing lots of confusion and frustration.

To address this problem, we are introducing our new drone software for Industrial Inspections – BlueVu. BlueVu enables inspectors, architects and engineers to inspect buildings and oil & gas infrastructure with intelligent organized UAV images and inspect your area of interest anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast and intelligent organizing and sorting of thousands UAV images;
  • Intelligent recommendation system for searching UAV images with the best view to support efficient inspection activities;
  • Supporting synchronized, multimodal exploration of UAV images using 3D point clouds, 3D building models and 2D maps;
  • Efficient tracking and controlling of inspection workflows;
  • Creating a customized database for structuring, recording and digitizing any types of anomalies (rust, hot spots, cracks, etc) directly from UAV images;
  • Automatic generation of building inspection reports with inspection statistics, visual and vectorized inspection results;
  • Exporting inspection results into GIS and CAD formats

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Drone Software Preview