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Whether you need the software just once, or on a monthly basis, we are here to provide what you need to become a champion. 

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Every Company has a different data security protocol, we’ll work with your IT department to design a workflow that works best for you.

Fully Customizable Report

We’ll customize a report that works the best for you. We understand every organization and every project is different. 

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Generate Professional Drone Inspection Reports

BlueVu allows you to easily generate professional drone inspection reports. Our software delivers faster and better insights into your assets by using our image optimization engine that automatically organizes, analyzes and selects the best inspection images and viewpoints.

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Annotate Anomalies Within Inspection Images

Creating a customized database for structuring, recording and digitizing any types of anomalies (rust, hot spots, cracks, etc) directly from UAV images.

Take Accurate Measurement

We understand that taking measurements directly within the image is important to your drone inspection projects. We created BlueVu to help you take measurements within your 2D imagery.

Both Visual & Thermal

You can inspect certain anomalies only on thermal images. We created BlueVu for you to conveniently inspect your asset.

What They’re Saying About Us

BlueVu is set to do things like relieving engineers and technicians from going through thousands of images to locate themselves in a photo.

Jeremiah KarpowiczCommercial UAV News

BlueVu uses an optimization algorithm that automatically organizes, analyzes, and selects the most relevant images from these large data streams.

Andy WilsonVision Systems

The suite organizes and sorts thousands of UAV images; tracks and controls inspection workflows and supports synchronized, multimodal exploration of UAV images.

Jason ReaganDroneLife

BlueVu enables the remote inspection of buildings, pipelines and other oil and gas industry infrastructure.

Patrick C. MillerUAS Magazine

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