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End-to-End Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Complete Drone Inspection Solutions


Industrial asset drone inspection services and data acquisition with our certified pilots


Data processing to create 2D and 3D images


Using BlueVu, engineers and inspectors can locate, identify and diagnose problems of your commercial or industrial assets.


Detailed reports of the industrial or commercial asset condition including annotations, inspector comments, and recommendations

Trusted Drone Inspection Solutions Provider

Industrial SkyWorks was one of the first industrial and commercial inspection companies in North America to use industrial drones for aerial building inspections and oil & gas asset aerial inspections.

We have helped to write the book (literally with the FAA) on how industrial drones can be used to conduct aerial visual inspections of assets while lowering costs and improving safety.

Aerial Inspection Solutions

Building Envelope & Roof Drone Inspections

We provide drone inspection services to quickly and easily inspect roof and building envelope. By deploying inspection drones and industry-leading drone inspection software, we make the workplace safer, while helping clients reduce costs and time.

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Drone Inspections

We deliver oil, gas, and petrochemical aerial inspection services for visual and thermal inspections for hard-to-reach and dangerous sites like oil refineries and flare stacks to detect corrosion, leaks and other anomalies.

Drone Software For Inspection

Industrial SkyWorks brings intelligence to drone inspection data with BlueVu, industry-leading software that embraces AI, machine learning, and a sophisticated computer vision algorithm.

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